Fees & Policy Print


Fee per day: $40 with a 2 day minimum

Minimum fee: Salamander: 10 people minimum, so $400

                      Double Bear: 12 person minimum, so $480

If people come ahead or stay after the group, each person pays $40 per day.

Auto fee at Camp Double Bear: $1.00 per car charged by local Road Association


Deposit is total minimum fee for one day

$400 for Salamander

$480 for Double Bear

Deposit is required 4 months ahead of reservation date.

It is refunded if cancellation is at least 3 months ahead of reservation or if we can find another renter. We do not accept "roll over" deposits for future dates.


See pay sheet at camp to help you calculate the bill. Renter makes out rental checks out using the honor system, counting number of guests (and cars for DB). Leave us a check (or cash) in kitchen before leaving.

Make out checks to name of appropriate camp: Camp Double Bear or Salamander Camp.


Mailing address for deposits or payments is the same for both camps:

Salamander Camp

c/o Celia Taupin

P.O.Box 1865

Los Gatos, CA 95031-0634

* PLEASE—DON’T make checks out to Celia