Fees and Policies

Fees per day

Any length of time at camp during the day:

$60 per person with a two-day minimum

Minimum Fee:

Salamander: 10 people per day minimum, so $600 x2 days = $1,200.

Double Bear: 15 person per day minimum, so $900 x2 days = $1,800.

number of guests include retreat leader(s), partner, family members, staff, cooks/chefs etc.


Total minimum fee for one day:

$600 for Salamander

$900 for Double Bear

Our commitment is to provide a beautiful, safe and lively environment for spiritual and artistic growth. We hope that Camp Double Bear will offer the setting for generative experiences for you and those who work/play with you. Please note: Illegal substances, hallucinogens and plant based medicines are strictly prohibited at both camps.


Cleaning/Security Deposit must be sent as a separate check in the amount of $250 and is due with the camp reservation deposit. Your $250 will be returned within 10 days of your departure if the camp condition is left as it was found upon arrival. If not, Debbie will deduct $30 per hour required to return the camp to its original condition.

The remainder of your cleaning/security deposit will be mailed to you within 10 days of your departure.

The two deposits are required four months ahead of the reservation date. A refund will be given if cancellation is at least three months ahead of reservation or if we can find another renter. We do not accept "rollover" or "standing" deposits for future dates.

See the pay sheet at camp in the kitchen payment folder to help you calculate and fill out the payment form. Renter makes out rental checks using the honor system, counting the number of guests. Leave us a check (or cash) in the folder before leaving.

Make Out Checks to Name of Appropriate Camp:

Camp Double Bear or Salamander Camp.


Final Payment Is Due at Camp Upon Departure

Please note: **There is a 5% late fee charged if payment is not left upon departure.


Mailing address for deposits is the same for both camps:

Mariquita West
Attn: Debbie
PO Box 820
Los Gatos, CA 95031