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 Camp Double Bear is a private camp devoted to retreats in meditation and the arts. Situated on 100 acres in the rugged Santa Cruz Mountains, the land extends from lovely Bear Creek up the hill to the campsite forested with madrones, firs, oaks, bays, and redwoods. Double Bear is designed for groups of 30 or less, (more in the summer possible if worked out in advance) and visits longer than a weekend are favored.

For further information and reservations: email our Livia at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Our commitment is to provide a beautiful, safe and lively environment for spiritual and artistic growth. We hope that Camp Double Bear will offer the setting for generative experiences for you and those who work/play with you. Please note: Illegal substances, hallucinogens and plant based medicines are strictly prohibited at both camps.

Celia T-T and Mariquita West

(If you have stayed at Salamander Camp, you will find Camp Double Bear familiar in style and design, although bigger and with a less domesticated, wilder feel in the land and the outlook. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT CAMP DOUBLE BEAR IS "OFF THE GRID"—IT'S ELECTRICITY COMES FROM SOLAR PANELS WITH BACK UP GENERATOR. Conservation of energy, and in the summer, water, is necessary. Because of the mountain acoustics, no loud sound after 10:30 PM.