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Camp Double Bear and Salamander Camp are two different private camps in nature dedicated to providing campers with beautiful, safe, and lively environments for spiritual and artistic growth. Our grounds offer a variety of opportunities for new experiences for you and the people you work or play with.

Camp Double Bear will be Permanently Closing October 1st 2024

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About Camp Double Bear

Permanently Closing October 1st 2024

A private camp made for retreats in meditation and the arts, Camp Double Bear is situated on 100 acres in the rugged mountains of Santa Cruz, California. It extends from Bear Creek up the hill towards the campsite.

This camping ground is populated with forests of madrone, fir, oak, bay, and redwood trees. It is perfect for stays that are longer than a weekend and can accommodate groups of 30 campers or fewer.

The Complete Nature Experience

Although it shares similarities in design with Salamander Camp, Camp Double Bear is bigger, less domesticated, and has a wilder vibe when it comes to the land. Since it is off-the-grid, its power sources are limited, making energy and water conservation necessary, especially during summers. Loud sounds are also prohibited past 10:30 p.m. due to the mountain’s acoustics.

About Salamander Camp

Permanently Closing End of September 2024

Situated four miles south of Los Gatos, Salamander Camp is designed for campers to meditate, move, dance, and make art and music. Its surrounding areas make it perfect for walks, swimming activities, and campfire picnics.

It is a small, private retreat made for groups of 20 or less. Here, campers can enjoy trail walks under the moonlight, drum and sing during nighttime, and explore the nearby stone labyrinth and open meadow.

two-floor structure

Available Facilities

The available facilities at Salamander Camp are three yurts, which are round tents with windows and conical rooves with skylights, allowing its interior to soak in the light. Its interiors are also furnished with special floorings and modern wooden stoves. The yurts are built on solid foundations and are surrounded by redwood decks. Service buildings, meanwhile, are made of standard frame construction.


The costs have increased and safety decreased due to drought, fire danger, and vicious storms. My partner Celia Taupin, the camps founder, died in 2022. I cannot manage it all like I once used to. So with great sadness I am donating the camps to two nonprofit land trusts.

Thank you dear renters, for your trust and creative enjoyment of our land.

For remaining reservations, contact Debbie Lewis

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