See the Camp at the Foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains

Permanently Closing End of September 2024

Salamander Camp is a small private retreat located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, four miles south of Los Gatos, designed as a place for groups of 20 or less to meditate, move, and dance, make art and music, walk in the surrounding forest, swim and soak, and picnic around a campfire.

Acres of undeveloped forested slopes surround the camp. Groups can enjoy the freedom of walking the trails in the moonlight, as well as drumming and singing at night. A stone labyrinth and open meadow invite meditation and play.

About Our Yurts

The facilities are three beautiful yurts—round tents with windows and conical roofs with skylights, which allow bountiful light. On solid foundations, the yurts are surrounded by redwood decks. Each is furnished with a special floor and a modern wood stove. Service buildings are of standard frame construction.


About Our Facilities

Guests are expected to protect and preserve the camp facilities and the surrounding environment... including the dear salamanders.