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Double Bear Clean-up Sheet
Double Bear Clean-up Sheet PDF Print E-mail
We need your help:

Please sort carefully!
Empty all containers into marked bins outside the pantry. Close bins with bungee cords, or raccoons will make a mess. Take extra cardboard boxes, bags, crates, with you, please.

Dance Yurt

Upon leaving, arrange pillows around the edge. Vacuum (located in pantry) the floor and stove tiles. A dry mop, broom and dustpan are in the Greenroom for daily use. Replace the musical instruments neatly in the Greenroom, put all costume items used in place, vacuum the floor Greenroom and spot mop where necessary.

Kitchen-Dining Yurt
1. Wash the dishes
2. Clean all eating areas, stove and counters.
3. Put everything away in the proper places. Drawers and cupboards are labeled!
4. Empty the fridges and take home the leftovers. Wipe fridges clean.
5. Vacuum and wet-mop the floor. (Tools in pantry.) Please do not put the benches on top of the tables, as they scratch the surfaces.

Little Sleep and Big Sleep

Vacuum the rugs. (Vacuum cleaner in Big Sleep.) Arrange mats neatly. Take any leftover towels to pantry. Check that lights and fan are off.

Studio Barn
Take home any art created and art supplies brought. Vacuum and/or mop the floor as needed. Fold and stack tables and chairs and easels against the wall. Clean studio bathroom. Lock studio sliding doors from inside. Lock garage side door as you leave. This is essential!!!

Honeymoon Yurt
Leave neat.

Top Bathrooms
Clean sinks, mirrors. Mop floors if needed. Supplies and tools under sink and beside shower. Turn off heater at thermostat.

Do not empty ashes into paper bags or boxes! Metal hods O.K. Or just leave as is…

Your stuff

Please take home everything you brought! And help others in your group to do so. Check for CD’s, tapes, books, notes, jewelry, toilet kits, towels. A $10. charge, plus postage, will apply to all returns!!

Camp stuff

Put it back where you found it, please—tables, chairs, mats, all things large and small!

Hot tub
Cover! Make sure heat/jets are off!!

Final Checkup
Make sure oven, stove and stove fan are off. Switch off the lights. Close, but do not lock, all other doors.


Thank you! Celia and Mariquita