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Bring a flashlight! Sleeping mats are provided. Bring sleeping bag, pillow, 2 towels (one for hot tub) toiletries, slip-on shoes are handy, umbrella in rainy season, walking shoes. Bring desired personal toiletries.

Telephone: There is a cell phone booster at the Kitchen Yurt that provides minimal cell service. All retreat leaders are required to have a cell phone. 

Caretaker's phone numbers:  Tayler (678) 481-1673 or David (770) 757-8008


Solar panels and a back-up propane generator provide power for the camp. We must conserve! (No hairdryers, toasters, electric heaters, etc.)

There’s good water from a spring on the land. Purified water (minerals removed) for drinking. Basic cooking and serving utensils are provided. Six burner range, big oven, broiler, small microwave. Two propane fridges with small freezers. *Please bring plenty of additional ice and coolers if your weather forecast shows HOT days. The propane appliances cannot keep up. Blue ice and coolers available for extra cool storage. (For restocking food, there are good markets in Boulder Creek 7 miles away.) BBQ outside--Bring charcoal.

Music Equipment
Good CD and ipod/MP3 player with 4 speakers in dance yurt. Stereo/boom box in kitchen and art studio.

Costumes and Musical Instruments
In the Green Room off Dance Yurt...all there to play with! If you use them is is your responsibility to put them back where you found them.

Studio Barn
Standing easels, table easels and flat tables available. Deep sink in studio. Bring the art or craft materials you need.

Each yurt and the studio barn has a wood stove. Firewood provided. See separate sheet about temperature control.

Only in the fire circle near the hot tub. With the nearby hose, douse the fire and stir coals- repeatedly! If the fire danger is high in Sept. or Oct., outside fires may be prohibited.

Glass-enclosed are best. Place on plate or saucers. No tapers. Never leave a room with a candle burning!

Above the amphitheater is a flat area good for tents. Use the studio barn bathroom. Also, near the Honeymoon yurt and behind the studio barn are good tent spots.

Note the diagram of trails in the kitchen and trail signs. Also, going to the creek is a treat. A map showing how to get there is also in the kitchen. One-half mile of Bear Creek is within the camp boundaries!

Poison Oak
We have made every effort to remove poison oak from the trails and public areas. Unless you are an experienced oak spotter, do not go cross-country. If you have brushed against it, wash with cold water and detergent.

Like Salamander, Double Bear camp is not designed to be safe for small children. Please notify us if you will be bringing a child; please do not unless previously agreed and waivers signed. Children need to be supervised by everyone at all times, especially around the stoves and hot tub! Keep cover locked on hot tub when not in use. If approved in advance, the $40 daily fee does apply to children as well as adults.

O.K. in kitchen and art studio. Not O.K. in other yurts with carpet or pillows. Check with group leader before bringing your dog.

Groups are responsible for leaving the camp as they found it. A clean-up sheet is posted in the pantry.

Thank you!