Salamander Clean-up Sheet PDF Print E-mail

We need your help:

Collect all trash bags and trash, and recycling, and place the contents in the marked bins behind the shower house. Make sure things are properly sorted and put stuff in the right bin! (Bags from outhouse cans go in regular Garbage.) Take extra cardboard boxes,bags, etc. home with you.

Meeting Yurt
Reorganize the musical instruments if needed. Layer the pillows around the edge of the yurt and dust the floor and stove tiles. You’ll find a dry-mop, broom and dustpan in the hexagon.

Replace/re-hang neatly: costumes, cloths, hats, etc.

Kitchen-Dining Yurt
1. Wash the dishes.
2. Clean all eating and work surfaces.
3. Put everything away in the proper places. Please read labels!
4. Empty the fridge and pack out the left-overs. Wipe fridges clean!
5. Vacuum the floor-then wet-mop.

In the Art Closet you’ll find a vacuum cleaner, floor cleaner under the sink, mop in the broom closet, and a mop bucket nearby. Please don’t put the benches on top of the tables, as they scratch the tops.

Shower House
Clean sinks, showers, mirror. Note carry-tray of supplies under the sinks.

Sleeping Yurt
Vacuum carpet and around stove! Remove only those covers which are soiled. Pile any laundry items—dish towels, bath towels, etc. in kitchen yurt.

Wood stoves

Do not empty ashes into paper bags or boxes! Metal hods are o.k....or just leave as is if there are hot coals.


Please take home everything you brought! Check for all CD’s, tapes, books and clothing, blankets, shoes, toiletries, jewelry...

A $10 charge, plus postage, will apply to all returns!

Everything Else
Put it back where you found it, please!!

Hot Tub & Pool
Cover! (In summer, just the bubble cover on pool.)

Final Checkup
Make sure oven and stove and stove fan are off. Check thermostat in shower house and turn off. Switch off the lights and radio. Close--but do not lock--all the doors.

Thank you! Heartfelt sentiment from Celia and Mariquita.