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Meeting Yurt
30 feet wide, with a smooth oak floor that is specially sprung for dance and movement. Stereo system, cushions, musical instruments. The adjacent hexagon, 10 feet wide, serves as a costume and coat room.

Kitchen-Dining-Art Yurt
30 feet wide, with a tiled floor and 3 tables for 8. Cook top with fan about the stove, ovens, sink. Food preparation equipment and dishes, etc. for 20. Alcove for extra food storage, and a deep sink.

Sleeping Yurt
24 feet wide, with a carpeted floor and loft -space over half the area. Communal sleeping space, with pads and mattresses on the floor. If separation of the sexes is desired, the meeting yurt can also be used for sleeping. In good weather, there are many good sleeping spots on decks, at the picnic ground or along the path to the labryinth. Please do not sleep on the lawn, that will kill the grass.

Located above the parking lot and redwood grove. Small, 12' yurt for 1or 2 people. Fold out double couch bed. Propane heater and battery lamp provided. Use outhouse in parking lot.

Shower house
4 washbasins, 3 showers. Gas heater.

4 throughout the grounds.

Cedar Hot Tub

8 feet in diameter, with bench. It is surrounded by decking and seating. Nearby is a small fire pit .

Lap Pool
9X16 feet. A propeller creates a current (strength adjustable) against which one swims.

Picnic Ground
Long tables and a fire pit in a magical redwood grove. Also a good place for pitching tents.

Guests are expected to protect and preserve the camp facilities and the surrounding environment...including the dear Salamanders.